Turtle Trading System That Made Many Millionaires Video Tutorials

Turtle Trading System was developed by Richard Dennis. He made millions trading with his Turtle Trading System. He then taught his students his system and many of them also made millions trading with his Turtle Trading System. Turtle Trading System is basically a trend following system that had surprisingly an average winrate of only 40%. What made this system highly profitable was that the average size of win was 10-20 times on average as compared to the average size of the loss with this system. As a trader, you should study this system. You can learn a lot of things by studying this system that can help you improve your trading system. Watch this introductory video on this system!

This is another good video that explains the Turtle Trading System in more detail!

This video ask the important question-Is the Turtle Trading System dead?

This is part 2 of the above video!

This is part 3 of the above video tutorial!

Will this trading system work in today’s market? After watching the above 3 videos, most probably not. Why? Nature of market has changed a lot during the past 10 years. This system worked very well in the 1980s as shown in the above 3 videos. Richard Dennis made $200 million in 1980s. This system can still work but you will have to cater for the increased market volatility.