The Elevation Group FREE Videos By Mike Dillard-Secret Black Box Investment Strategies Of The Rich

Watch The Elevation Group video FREE titled, “How To Profit from Today’s Economic Chaos Regardless Of Your Current Financial Situation” and discover the secret black box investment strategies that the ultra rich are using right now.  Don’t miss watching The Elevation Group video series. The Elevation Group is commemorating its first anniversary. Mike Dillard is the man behind The Elevation Group.  Mike Dillard went from waiting tables to becoming a millionaire by the age of 26. Mike is 34 years old now and lives in Austin, Texas. Mike Dillard in the last six years has founded two publishing companies and produced an annual revenue of $25 million. Over 1 million subscribers from all over the world hailing from more than 65 countries read his The Elevation Group Newsletter.

The Elevation Group Mission And Goal

The Elevation Group was started last year and is a project unlike any other project in the world. The goal of  The Elevation Group is to take average ordinary people from all over the world and from all walks of life and to teach them the black box investment strategies that the ultra rich are using right now to profit from today’s economic chaos. Now, this is something interesting. Mike Dillard is not a trader, investor or even a financial guru, yet he made a whopping 300%+ return since 2008 while most of the savvy investors have lost something like 30-40% of their investment portfolio after the 2008 stock market crash. The key to having a prosperous future lies in knowing what is going to happen to the financial markets around the world and then positioning yourself for security and profit using that information. According to Mike, at the heart of The Elevation Group is these three questions…

–>How the Boomers can protect the funds they have left and turn them around?

–>How the next generation can protect and grow their money over the long run in the present global unstable economic situation?

–>Can an average ordinary person with very limited funds profit from the investment strategies of the rich?

The good news is that Mike found the answer to the above three questions and in The Elevation Group videos he is going to share that information with you.

Mike Dillard’s Economic Predictions For 2012

You might be wondering how Mike did it if he is not an investor or a trader or even a financial guru. Well, Mike found a map way back in 2007 that helped him to predict the financial future. This month, he recorded a 3 part Year in Review video series where he explains how he managed to discover these little known investment strategies. In part I of this video series, Mike discloses his Economic Predictions of 2012. Keep this mind while watching these videos that in the coming months, people all over the world stand to lose everything they have as the sovereign debt crisis that has started in Europe is about to implode in the US and the rest of the world. US has got more than $600 trillion of unfunded liabilities that has to be paid in the coming years. So you can well imagine the magnitude of the global debt crisis that is about to implode.

The interesting thing about this debt crisis that is going to implode in the global economy in the coming years is that it is going to make some wealthier than they have ever been. Let me ask you one question! What is the most valuable asset in the world right now? Is it gold, is it silver or is it oil or real estate? Guess! No, it’s the right information at the right time. This is what makes the wealthy more wealthy. Now you can well imagine how important it is for you to have the right information at the right time and then use that information to position yourself for security and profit before this happens.

In December 2010, Mike Dillard started his personal adventure to find the secret investment strategies being used by the ultra rich. Now, he is about to share those secret black box investment strategies with you. The good thing about Mike Dillard’s black box investment strategies is that you don’t need to be a trader to use them. You don’t even need to have a lot of capital to use his black box investment strategies. You just need to have a desire to learn how the rich are getting rich these days. That’s all. If you are a forex or a stocks trader or an investor, these little known secret black box investment strategies can add another income stream to your investment portfolio. So, don’t miss watching The Elevation Group FREE videos made by Mike Dillard.

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