Game Maker Set & Forget Forex Trading System By James de Wet For EUR/USD and USD/CHF Pairs!!

Game Maker Set & Forget Forex Trading System has recently been released by James de Wet, a professional forex trader from South Africa. This Game Maker Set & Forget Forex System is ideal for those who are not active forex traders or what want to trade forex but have only a few minutes to do that each day. Let’s be clear, many people find forex trading complicated and time consuming. A lot of people have day jobs and a busy daily schedule in the evenings with their family and children. This Game Maker Forex System is ideal for these type of people who can only spare a few minutes daily to trade.

Statistically this is a proven fact that traders who trade on the higher time frame charts like the 4 hours, daily and weekly charts and swing trade for multiple days end up making more money with a lot less stress as compared to the day traders who trade intraday charts daily. Now, this is an ironic fact that spending less time daily analyzing the charts and finding a good set & forget swing trading system will make you more money. All you need is to develop a good trading plan with sound money management scheme incorporated into it and check the market only once a day for ten to twenty minutes.

Game Maker Is A Simple Profitable Trading System That Is Set & Forget!

James de Wet has taught thousands of traders across the world to trade profitably with his forex systems like G7, E75 and Bollinger Bands Forex System.  Now, these system do take time to learn and also need time to trade with. As a professional forex trader, James de Wet gets a lot of time to research new trading methods and help his student traders improve their trading results. What James found out while interacting with his student traders was that they wanted a simple and profitable trading system that does not need more than a few minutes daily to trade. This simple and profitable trading system should also be mechanical meaning if the price at a certain time of the day is here you buy and if the price is there you sell. It is a proven fact that mechanical trading systems produce the best trading results as no discretion is involved in making the trading decisions.

This new Game Maker Set & Forget Forex System trades just two currency pairs EUR/USD and USD/CHF and requires you to place a trade at 9:00 AM GMT each day. With this Game Maker Set & Forget Forex System, you simply enter the order, place the predefined stop loss and take profit target that will take not more than 10 minutes daily. After that you switch off your computer and again check at the same time next day. It is really as simple as that. Game Maker Forex System does not require making  subjective decisions and no watching of the exit levels. Game Maker Forex System makes on average 422 pips per month on these two currency pairs. If you trade one standard lot with this system, you can make $4K+ per month with this system.

This Game Maker Forex System is very simple to learn. You don’t need hours of watching training videos or reading 100s of pages of a PDF manual with this simple and easy set and forget trading system. James is going to send you just one video that will explain the system quickly and clearly. You will be able to setup your charts within minutes of watching this video and start trading as soon as the next signal comes. For 30 days, James de Wet is also going to send you in real time his personal trades made with this Game Maker Forex System so that you can double check your own trades and get a hang of this system in the shortest possible time. If you want, you can continue receiving the email signals even after 30 days. The email alerts will look like this:

Sell EUR/USD @1.3550, stop 1.3590, target 1.3420

Buy USD/CHF @ 0.9120, stop 0.9070, target 0.9280

Also in the alerts, you will be sent the results for the previous day. For example, for the above alert, the previous day results were EUR/USD +50 pips and USD/CHF +50 pips. You will be able to enter these alerts within minutes in your trading account and after that switch off the computer and do whatever you want for the rest of the day. Next day, same time, you are going to again switch on your computer and see the results for the previous day trades and enter two new trades. If you want, you can try this Game Maker Forex System RISK FREE for 30 days and see how it works on your demo account. This is what you should do. Demo trade with this Game Maker System for one month. At the end of the month, do an audit and see what was the performance of the system for one month like winning rate, max drawdown, size of the average winning trade and so on. These statistics are must if you want to trade live with any system. Check that the winning rate is above 80% and that the max drawdown during the month is not more than 8%. Calculate the profit factor and see that the average size of the winning trade is more than double that of the losing trade at least. If you don’t like the demo trading results, you can get a refund from James de Wet within 30 days on his Game Maker Forex System!