Forex Thor Trading System By Alexander Collins For EUR/USD 30 Minute Charts!

Forex Thor Trading System has been developed by Alexander Collins. Forex Thor is a high end trading system developed exclusively to trade the lucrative EUR/USD pair on the 30 Minute charts. Forex Thor System made a total profit of 444.21% trading on a live account from 1st Jan 2011 to 30th November 2011 by turning a deposit of $7.5K into $40.816K in these 11 months. This comes out to a monthly gain of 40% on average. Not bad, huh! Alexander Collins started forex trading 11 years back. For the last 7 years, he is trading forex full time. He worked hard in the beginning. Read countless books on technical analysis and fundamental analysis but only uncovered what did not work. Working 18 hours a day, he eventually succeeded and started making $80K to $100K per year trading FX. According to Alexander Collins, his Forex Thor System is zero lagging and it does not run behind the market. Forex Thor System is 100% automated. Forex Thor System has got a superior Risk to Reward Ratio. The stop loss per trade is 6-8 pips and the take profit target is 30-42 pips.

Forex Thor

Download Forex Thor II FREE

Alexander Collins has recently launched Forex Thor II. Good news! He is also letting you try his Forex Thor II FREE. Just download the Forex Thor II. The download will being immediately. You will also get a free license key during the installation process. This FREE license key will give you full access to the users area as well as the detailed user manual. This is what you should do. Download the Forex Thor II trial version, read the user manual then install it and test it. Alexander Collins has also consented to answer any questions that you have about the Thor System. Once you have thoroughly tested the Thor System, you can make your decision whether you want to upgrade to the Forex Thor II full version or not.

Alexander Collins And His Forex Thor System

Now, you might have heard about Alexander Collins before as well. This is because he is famous in the forex community for two best selling forex systems PROFX and FX Pulse developed by him. Alexander Collins always wanted to trade like the real pros like John Paulson, Timothy Barakett, Ken Griffin and George Soros. These guys were making millions every year with FX while he was working for 18 hours a day and making only $80K-$100K annually. Then in December 2009, he faced the burn out when he lost $9K in one day on one of his trades made at London Open that he thought was perfect and couldn’t go wrong.

You need to watch these 3 Forex Thor videos where Alexander Collins explains how he did it in the end. In this video, Alexander explains in detail why traditional technical analysis doesn’t work anymore and if you are using it, you just as well can use any other dart throwing method. According to Alexander, this is the real reason why 96% of the forex traders fail to make any consistent money in the forex market.

Now, Forex Thor System will be launched on 15th December. Right now, you should watch this Forex Thor video#1 where Alexander reveals why 96% of the forex traders fail to become successful according to him. After watching this video, download don’t forget to download a FREE Forex Thor Case Study.

In Forex Thor video#2, Alexander will go over little know trading strategies used by the hedge fund managers and the quant developers. In this video, Alexander will provide you with easy to follow step by step guidelines that you can use to improve your trading results. You will also get a detailed comparison by Alexander about the old school trading strategies and the actual working strategies.

In Forex Thor video#3, you will be getting detailed performance statistics about this system that includes third party verified live account statements as well as backtest results with 99% modelling quality using real tick data plus compatibility statistics. When Forex Thor Trading System becomes live, you can test it on your demo account for a full one month as it has got 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee period. First test it on your demo account. See how easy it is to trade. If you don’t feel satisfied, go for a refund. And incase you good results, you should further test Forex Thor on a min account with a small deposit of $250.