DDFX Forex System By A.Anomaht Makes Upto 500 Pips Per Week!

DDFX Forex System has been developed by A.Anomaht, a fx trader and a fx instructor. This DDFX Forex System helped one trader make 438 pips in 4 days. This simple, easy and powerful DDFX Forex System is a  price action following system. What it does is identify the current trend, then it tells you when to enter the trend with precise timings and it also helps you filter false signals. DDFX Forex Trading System works best for GBP/USD, EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY currency pairs although it can work for other pairs too. It comes with 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee, so you can try the DDFX Forex System RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account.

Forex trading can become very easy if you have an easy to follow system that does not require doing complicated fundamental and technical analysis. When you download the DDFX Forex System, you will get complete instructions on how to trade with this simple and easy system. You will also get a DDFX Forex Trading System indicator for MT4 platform. The latest 3.0 version also comes with a high probability scalping technique for the 5M and the 15M charts. This system gives easy to follow buy/sell signals with bell and alarm. First test it on your demo account. For example, trade with it on the 1 hour timeframe. See how many signals it gives in one day.

Test this DDFX System for one week on the demo account. After testing it for one week, see how many pips you made. Decide whether you want to further test it on the demo account for full 30 days. Make a trading journal, enter each trade that you make with this system. For each trade, calculate the risk/reward ratio and note the size of the stop loss. Make at least 50-100 trades with this system. At the end of the month, check how many signals it generated per day on average and how many pips were made during the month and calculate the overall win rate of this system plus the average size of the win and the average size of the loss. This is very important. These statistics will help you decide whether this system is good or not. If you don’t like the DDFX System, simply go for a refund. And in case you like it, make a small deposit of $300 and trade with the lot size of 0.01 lot for one more month. With this lot size of 0.01, even if you lose 200 pips, you are only going to lose $20. Once you are thoroughly tested this system and are satisfied with the DDFX Forex System, only then trade live with a bigger lot size.