The No Stop Hedged Forex Trading Grid System By Expert4x Team!

The No Stop Hedged Grid Forex Trading System doesn’t use any indicators or special charts. This Grid Forex System is ideal for both beginners as well as experienced traders and let’s the currency market natural movements make money for you. With this No Stop Hedged Grid Forex Trading System, you don’t need to constantly make decisions as the forex grid strategy is planned sometimes weeks and months in advance. Once you have constructed your grid system, you need not more than 10 minutes a day to trade with your system.

How Forex Grid Systems Work?

Forex Grid Systems basically don’t use any indicators and as said above can be planned weeks and months in advance. What this means is that you need to properly plan and construct your grid as your success or failure will depend on how well you have structured the grid. So once you have done the planning and tested the grid by demo trading for at least one month, you don’t need more than 10 minutes daily to trade with your system.

This is how it works. You choose the grid leg which is a predetermined distance. Hedged Grid Systems work in a sideways market. Hedged Grid Systems don’t work in a trending market. Rather you will lose money in a trending market. So, you will need to use strategies that minimize the losses when the market doesn’t retraces itself and the trend continues. Since the currency market trends only 20% of the time and for the rest of the 80% time, it moves sideways grid systems make money when the market retraces by 100%, 50% and 33% at various grid levels.

You go long and short a currency pair simultaneously with entry or pending order with the TP target at each grid level that you have planned in advanced.  Basically the concept is to place pending or entry orders at various price levels which are the grid levels. When the price action reaches that level, the order will be automatically executed and when the TP target is hit, one of the orders will be closed. You may replace the closed order with a new order.

Grid trading is a medium to a long term strategy that works best on the daily charts. You will start by choosing an appropriate grid size. This grid size can be different for different pairs. For example, for the GBPUSD pair, 140 pips has been found to be an appropriate size. In the same manner, there are traders who use 300 pips for the GBPJPY pair and 150 pips for the EURUSD pair. There is no need to use the same grid size for the different levels. For example in a trending market, it is wise to increase the grid leg sizes. For example, if you started with 150 pips 1st grid leg for EURUSD pair, in a trending market increase the 2nd grid leg size to 200 pips and for the 3rd grid leg size increase it to 250 pips so that you carry less losing positions while the market trends.

In the same manner, sometimes it is wise to increase the number of lots with the trend. Just make sure that you have the same number of buy and sell orders so that your grid stays 100% hedged. This way you will be able to reduce the risk of losing positions building up exponentially in a strongly trending market. This is very important for you to understand that you don’t use stop loss orders when grid trading as your positions are being hedged by other orders.

No Stop Hedged Grid Forex System

In this No Stop Hedged Grid Forex System, you will get a detailed eBook that will explain the concepts behind grid trading. You will also get Expert4x grid webinar recordings plus review course notes. You will also be able to download an Excel Worksheet that will help you in constructing the grid structure with the risk calculations. This is a Flexi Grid Forex System where you will be able to choose the currency pair that you want to trade with the grid sizes and the number of lots that you want to trade alongwith the risk management strategy that you want to use.

Once you go through the grid webinar recordings, the eBook and the 6 training videos, you will be able to construct the grid structure and implement it on a demo account. Test the grid on the demo account for at least one month. No Stop Hedged Grid Forex System comes with 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee. At the end of the month, do an audit of the performance of the grid trading system that you had constructed and if you don’t feel satisfied with the No Stop Hedged Grid Forex Trading, simply go for a refund! If you feel that this strategy is good, continue testing the grid structure for one more month before you attempt to trade live with it. It is essential that you have thoroughly tested the grid structure before trading live with it!