5 Star Trend Profit Brand New Buy/Sell Indicator

5 Star Trend Profit is a brand new buy/sell trend indicator. If you want you can download this 5 Star Trend Profit and test it on the demo account for 60 days. Always keep this in mind, all these brand new indicators are just rehashed old indicators. Take a look at the following screenshot.

5 Star Trend Profit

Above is a screenshot of EURJPY H1 timeframe. First the indicator made 46 pips, then 173 pips and then 83 pips. It looks great. That’s why we said in the beginning of the post, first test the indicator on the demo account. If you get similar results you can think about trading live with this indicator. Take a look at another screenshot of this indicator in action.

5 Star Trend Profit

Above is a screenshot of GBPUSD H1 timeframe. Once again, 81 pips, then 87 pips and then 141 pips. It looks great again. Always keep the risk in the trade as low as possible. As a rule, never ever risk more than 2% on a single trade. If you have multiple trades open then make sure that overall risk is not more than 2%.

Did you read our last post in which we explained in detail a USDCHF trade that made 1000 pips in 7 days. Trading naked is the best strategy. Trading naked means trading solely based on price action. Always keep the risk low when you open a trade and aim for a high reward. On average your reward/risk should be at least 3:1.

This can be a good indicator. You never know. Only way to know this is to test this indicator. As said above, make at least 30-50 trades with this indicator on the demo account. Make a trade journal and log in each trade in that trade journal. Calculate the average winrate and the average size of the win. If the performance of this indicator is good, you can trade live with this indicator. Just make sure that you don’t trade live with this indicator before you test it thoroughly on the demo account.