Xbars Forex System For Scalping And Intraday Trading!

This Xbars Forex System is an intraday trading and scalping system that works for all currency pairs. The developer of this Xbars Forex System claims that you can make upto 1500 pips with his system. Xbars Forex System will tell you what the trend is, it will also give you the top and the bottom of the trend. You can use it for intraday trading as well as scalping it in a trending market but you can also use for scalping in a ranging market.

Xbars Forex Systemou

As you can see from the above screenshot, this system captured 257 pips trading EUR/USD on h4 timeframe. Below is another screenshot of this system in action.

Xbars Forex System

In this trade this system made 215 pips trading USD/CHF on h4 timeframe. The developer of this Xbars Forex System has posted many screenshots of this system’s past trades. You can take a look at all those screenshots. The best pairs for this system are EUR/USD and USD/CHF. However according to the developer, this system can trade all the pairs on all timeframes. The trading signal generated by this system gives the Buy/Sell entry, SL, TP1 and TP2.

Now you need to keep this fact in mind that this Xbars Forex System is a manual system and you will need to test it thoroughly on the demo account before you take the risk of trading live with it. Make at least 50-100 trades with this system and calculate the system performance. Only trade live with Xbars Forex System if you get good performance results on the demo account.