This MT4 To Binary Plugin Auto Copies Your Forex Trades To Your Binary Account!

This MT4 to Binary plugin multiplies your profits 2 times. Combining forex with binary options can be a very powerful combination. When you open a forex trade, you can simultaneously open a binary options trade in the same direction. Uptill now, you had to open the binary options broker account and enter the trade manually. A delay of a few seconds could result in turning a winning trade into a loser. But not anymore. With this MT4 to Binary Plugin, you can automatically copy each one of your forex trade onto your binary options broker account without any delay.

MT4 to Binary

This plugin sends directly your trades on MT4 to your binary options account. Filters trades using the magic number, currencies, time and much more. Works seamlessly for both manual as well as automated trading using an EA. With this plugin, you have 100% control over your trading all the time. If you are tired of manually entering your binary options trades, you should download this MT4 to Binary software plugin and install it on your MT4 account. The good thing, you can use an EA on the MT4 account and replicate the trades on the binary account with zero delay. You can use a scalping EA on the MT4 platform and copy the trades with this MT4 to Binary plugin onto the binary account.