Stupidly Simple Forex With 12 Pip Stop Loss On Every Trade By Andy Daniels!

Stupidly Simple Forex by Andy Daniels is a system that trades with just a 12 pip stop loss on every trade that it makes. You might be wondering is it possible to trade with such a tight stop loss. Andy Daniels is about to show you a Stupidly Simple Forex System with easy entries that are so deadly accurate that most of the stop losses are 12 pips or less. What types of markets this Stupidly Simple Forex System trades, you might ask this question? Ranging? Of course not. It is not possible to trade a ranging market with such a tight stop loss. Then it must be a trending market? Yes, this Stupidly Simple Forex Strategy trades trends. Now, there are two ways to trade the trends:

1. Breakouts


2. Pullbacks

Once again, breakout trading is not possible with a tight stop loss. What we are looking for is high probability trades using a tight stop loss of not more than 12 pips and that is only possible if you trade the trend pullback. When the market pulls back in the direction of the trend, there is a critical point where you can place a very tight stop loss because the momentum behind the pullback ensure that the market surges forward in the direction of the trend from that point onward.

Andy Daniels has discovered a Stupidly Simple Forex System that trades with very small stop losses. After years of blowing his accounts repeatedly, Andy Daniels finally discovered a Stupidly Simple Forex System that gives a high win rate, high reward to risk ratio and very small stop losses. This is perhaps one of the most easiest systems that you will ever trade with. This system has simple easy to understand rules that require no discretion whatsoever on your part. Now, Andy Daniels wants you to try his StupidlySimpleForex System RISK FREE for the next 365 days for only $27. If you don’t like it or if it doesn’t work, you can get a refund from Andy Daniels on his Stupidly Simple Forex in the next 12 months!