Stress FREE Forex Trading-Learn How To Make 50-150 Pips Daily?

Learn Stress FREE Forex Trading. Making your trading stress free should be your number one priority as a trader. The important thing is how to make forex trading stress free practically?  The right choice of your system is the most important factor in making your trading stress free. As a new trader don’t panic and don’t rush. Once you have decided to learn and master forex trading, relax!  There is no need to panic and rush into live trading immediately. First take a few weeks to educate yourself about the forex market. Once you have read enough on how the forex market works, start looking for a trading system that you will be using in live trading.

1. Choose The Right Trading System

Choose your system carefully. Don’t worry if it takes time. Doesn’t matter if you spend a few months in choosing the right system. Always go for those systems that have 60 days of no questions money back guarantee. If there is no money back guarantee take it as a signal that the system is not good. Only consider those systems that have a solid money back guarantee. Make a list of the best five systems. Try the first one for one month on the demo account. If it doesn’t work, get a refund and go for the second system in the list. After you have chosen the system, you should practice it on the demo account for at least two months or as long as you don’t start making winning trades c0nsecutively. Once you have practiced and fully mastered the system, you should open a live account with a deposit of $250 and start from there.

2. Use A System That Has A Small Stop Loss

The best method that can make forex trading stress free is to look for a system that uses a very small stop loss something like 10-12 pips per trade and does not take a lot of time to give a good trading signal. Making 50 pips daily consistently can easily double your account every month. Suppose you start with $250 and make 50 pips daily. Making 50 pips means making around 1000 pips in 1 month. If the stop loss per trade is 10 pips, you can choose the lot size of 0.03 to start with. This will give you a risk per trade of 1.2%.  By the end of the month, the profit will be $300 and the account equity will become $550. In the second month double to lot size to 0.06.  If you continue making 50 pips daily, by the end of the month the profit will be $600 and the account equity will become $1150.  Do the maths and you will see by the end of the year, your account equity will be close to a million dollars. So you don’t even need to start with a large capital in your account. Ignore what the forex gurus are saying that you should have at least $5000 to $10,000 in your account in order to make a good profit.

3. Start Small

Start small. This will also give you the opportunity of practicing more and further fine tune your system. In the first few months, you will not make much. But after a few months, you will see the equity compounding rapidly. There is another advantage of choosing a high reward to risk system. So even if you lose 5 trades out of ten, you will be losing 50 pips and making 250 pips. This should give you an idea of how important it is for you to choose a system that has a low risk to reward ratio or a high reward to risk ratio. If your risk is 10 pips and the reward is 50 pips, risk to reward ratio will be 1:5.

4. Choose Smaller Timeframes

Trading on 5 minute or 15 minute charts will provide amply of opportunity to make 50 pips daily with a small stop loss. If you choose the higher timeframes, you will have to choose a high stop loss that will be usually in the range of 40-80 pips. Around the London Open or the NY Open you will find a lot of opportunities on the 5 minute or the 15 minute chart that can make you 50 pips easily in 1-2 hours. So choose the right system and then practice it for at least two months on the demo account in order to become thoroughly familiar with it.

The currency market moved big on 16th March 2012. On 16th March there was a Forex Factory Red News Alert for the USD. Ben Barnanke, the FED Chairman was supposed to give a briefing at 9:00 AM CST. Cynthia Macy the developer of the Easy Forex Breakout System has made a video that explains what happened on that day. If you had been trading at that time, you could have easily gotten out with 60 pips on EURUSD in 45 minutes, 40 pips on GBPUSD in 10 minutes, 40 pips on USDJPY in 60 minutes etc. Watch this video by Cynthia that explains how you could have made stress free pips:

So the market moved big on that day in a short period of time and you could have easily made a total of 290 pips in just 1-2 hours. The important question was how to identify such moves in the market at the right time. The best system that can identify these moves in the market that has got momentum behind them is using a combination of EMAs and MACD on the 5 minute timeframe. MACD is the best momentum oscillator. It gives accurate reading on the momentum behind a move in the market. You can time your trade entry by combing EMAs and MACD. AIMS Stress FREE Trading System made 392 pips in just one day by catching one such move on the EURUSD 5 minute chart.

Stress FREE Trading

If you take a close look at this chart, you will see the timeframe is 5 minutes and the colored lines are of course moving averages. The indicator is like MACD. As said above, making 50 pips consistently daily should be your goal in the beginning. If you make more, take it as a bonus but just try to make 50 pips daily and that’s it for the rest of the day. If you will follow the above guidelines you will see that you can make your forex trading stress free.