PRO Commodity Trader Josh Mitchell Turns $1K into $978K In 1 Year!

Meet PRO Commodity Trader Josh Mitchell, a college drop out from Cheshire UK. This PRO Commodity Trader was able to make more than $2 million trading gold, silver and crude oi in 2 years. In fact this is a group of young traders from a high profile international private school for young people. One of the best traders in this group is a Swedish guy named Bjorn. First Bjorn traded currencies. But then he switched to commodities. Gold and silver market are in an unprecedented uptrend for the last many years. It is being predicted that this gold and silver market uptrend will continue for many more years in the futures. No one knows for sure when this gold and silver bubble is going to burst.

So the best method to profit from this bubble is to just ride the trend as long as it continues. This is precisely Bjorn and his friend Josh are doing: riding the trend in the gold and the silver market. They have gone one step further by automating their gold and silver trend trading strategy with the PRO Commodity Trader software.

PRO Commodity Trader Software For Trading Gold, Silver And Crude Oil

Josh Mitchell has been trading with the PRO Commodity Trader Software. He has posted live account statements on the third party verified site MT4i Live. The MT4i Live account statement is showing an astonishing +2038% weekly gain and a +8155% monthly gain with a profit factor of 19.82 over a period of 367 days. This PRO Commodity Trader Software was able to turn a deposit of $1,000 into $978,657.59 in 1 year. The gross profit was $989,903.97 and the gross loss was $12,246.38.  Note this gross loss. It is quite small as compared to the gross profit.In another PRO Commodity Trader live account statement posted on a third party verified site, it makes a monthly gain of 91.88% with a drawdown of 5.56%. The average win rate of PRO Commodity Trader software is 93%. Again note the low drawdown.

You must have heard this oft repeated saying, “Trade with the Trend,” or “Trend is your best friend.” Indeed trend is your best friend. This is what both Bjorn and Josh have discovered in the last two years. They just profited from the historic uptrend in the gold and the silver market by just automating their trend trading strategy. Josh is willing to let you test drive his PRO Commodity Trader software RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. He is giving no questions asked 60 days guarantee period. If you get interested, you can test the PRO Commodity Trader software on a demo account. The same account that you use to trade forex. But this time you will trade gold, silver and crude oil.

First test the PRO Commodity Trader software on your demo account for one month. Choose gold, silver or crude oil whatever you like. At the end of the month, see what was the performance. If you get good performance like that being claimed, you can think about trading live with PRO Commodity Trader.

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