Pip Splash Strategy Made 20.6% Profit In Just 72 Hours Of Trading!

This Pips Splash Strategy made a profit of 20.6% in just 72 hours of trading with an incredibly low risk. Now there are many pro traders who make this much profit in a whole month. Take a look at the following screenshot.

Pip Splash

Pip Splash Strategy has been developed by Dave Griff, an accountant who became a forex trader. Dave Griff worked as an accountant for full 28 years. At the age of 50, he decided to retire. During his career as an accountant he met many influential persons. One of them was a self made millionaire Henry. Henry had made his millions trading forex. He had his own strategy. But he never disclosed his forex strategy to anyone.

Dave thought if Henry can do it, why can’t he also do it. So he decided to trade forex. He took retirement from his accounting career and started trading forex full time. He read book after book on forex and took around 15 years to finally develop this Pip Splash Forex Strategy that he calls flawless. This Pip Splash Strategy uses a customized MACD indicator combined with price action trading. Price action is used to filter out bad trades and it is also used to narrow down potential trades. Rest of this Pip Splash Forex Strategy is explained when you download it.Take a look at the following screenshot that shows this Pips Splash Strategy in action!

Pip Splash

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  • steve

    October 17, 2013

    how do i get the strategy?