Personal Investors Hour With The World Famous Stocks, Futures & Forex Traders!

In the Personal Investors Hour, the greatest traders of all times reveal their best trading secrets. Now, when it comes to trading stocks, futures or for that matter forex what is the best trading tool? Well, you might say, it depends on the market that you are trading.  But there is one trading tool that all these traders use. What can be that? Yes, education and training. And when it comes to education and training, the best education and training can be only had from the greatest.

Imagine a golf player or a tennis player preparing for the greatest tournament of his or her life. To whom he or she will look for guidance and support? Yes to those pro golf and tennis players who had been champions themselves. The same analogy works in the stocks, forex or the futures market. You are preparing for the greatest tournament of your life. You need right guidance and the right coaching that can only be given by those great traders who once upon a time had started just like you and then went on to achieve greatness.

Personal Investors Hour Service

By subscribing to the Personal Investors Hour Service, you will be getting weekly audio interviews from the worlds top traders and investors. Meet John L Person, the host of Personal Investors Hour during its broadcast on the Money Watch Radio Network. John L Person has written one of the best books on candlestick charting and pivot point trading. He is a 32 year options and futures trading veteran who had worked with George Lane, the creator of the famous Stochastic Indicator at one time.

Meet Larry Williams, the creator of the Williams % R indicator that is considered to be one of the most effective momentum oscillator. Now, Larry Williams in 1987 won the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading when he turned $10K int $1.147 million in just 12 months. But that’s not all. Larry taught his trading secrets to his daughter Michelle who then went on to win the same World Cup Championship of Futures Trading when she was just 16 by making a massive 1000% return on investment. You need to listen to the interview where Larry Williams talks about his trading strategies and how he taught trading to his daugher.

Also meet John Bollinger (famous for his Bollinger Bands that are widely used by traders to measure volatility in the market), Lan Turner, Larry Pesavento and Carolyn Boroden, Martin Pring, Jake Bernstein,  John J. Murphey, Laurel Kenner, Jack Schwager ( A Senior Hedge Fund and Portfolio Manager plus the author of the famous Market Wizards and the New Market Wizards), Steve Nison (also known as the father of candlestick charting as he was the one who popularized candlestick trading in the western trading circles), Arch Crawford, Van K. Tharp (wrote one the most popular book on risk and money management in trading), Robin Dayne,  Scott Barrie, Thomas Hartle,  Mike Kilbourn, Ken Wood (famous for developing his Woodie’s CCI indicator), Alan Farley, Dan Gramza, Stuart Johnston, Linda Bradford Raschke (another famous trader), Robert Miner, Joe DiNapoli, Stephen Bigalow, James Altucher, Keith Bronstein, Dan Carrigan, Rob Stein, Russell Sands (One of the original Turtle Traders), Gerald Appel ( famous for having developed the most popular oscillator that the traders use, the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence -MACD Indicator), Larry McMillan, Toni Turner, Chris Hyde, Robert R. Prechter ( considered to be the worlds top most Elliott Wave Analysis Expert and the founder of the Elliott Wave International), George Muzea and Mark Douglas. So, this is a long list of Personal Investors Hour MP3 Interviews that you will be listing to. Infact, these interviews total 52 and you will be getting one per week for the next 12 months if you subscribe to the Personal Investors Hour!