Option Bot An Accurate Binary Options Indicator That Makes $1,622 In 45 Minutes!

You can download Option Bot Software FREE and test it for 7 days. Option Bot is a new software that has been developed by a small UK based firm for binary options traders. Option Bot is infact a very accurate binary options indicator for trading currency pairs. Trading binary options is becoming popular with many day traders now a days. Even newbie traders are showing interest in trading binary options. Unlike spot forex where you have to manage the risk and the take profit targets, both the risk and the take profit are fixed from the point when you click to enter into a trade. The risk is simply the amount you invested in the call or the put option while take profit is fixed by the broker to anything between 75% to 85% return on investment.

Option BoThe most important thing just like forex and stocks is how to correctly predict the market direction in the next 15 minutes to 1 hour. For this you need a system that tells you where the market will be in the next 15 minutes to 1 hour. Once you have that system that gives you say something like 80% winning signals, you can then make money with binary options. Otherwise you will be losing money.

How Does Option Bot Work?

This is how this Option Bot software works. It drives it’s prices from an advanced financial price data feed. This feed costs around $540 per month if you purchase a single user license. So if you are a trader who is making a profit of less than $3K, you might not be able to afford this price data feed. However, this Options Bot software will let you access this advanced financial price data feed FREE for 7 days. There are basically two parameters in this software that you will need to set.

First one is the Tolerance which is the same as the pips and the second is the timeframe. You can choose any timeframe from between 1 minute to 1 hour. Suppose, you choose a tolerance of 25 pips and the timeframe of 15 minutes. The software will inform you when there is an opportunity of the market moving by 25 pips in the next 15 minutes by sending you an alert. Once you get the alert, you can buy the put or the call option as the case might be. Beta testers of this software are reporting win rate between 85% to 92%. The developers of this software are claiming that a home based mom was able to make £12,000 in 5 days.