Netpicks Candlestick Mastery Course- Master Candlestick Trading For Maximum Profits!

Netpicks Candlestick Mastery Course will help you discover the best trades the forex, stocks, futures or any other market that you trade has to offer in 20 minutes or less per night. B.M Smith is the Chief Developer of this Netpicks Candlestick Mastery Course and is primarily focused on the stock market but the powerful candlestick trading techniques that you will learn in this course can be applied to the forex and the futures market as well. This Netpicks Candlestick Mastery Course will show you how to find those candlestick trades that are on the verge of making a big move in the market by spending less than 20 minutes a night. You will also learn how to distinguish between true reversal signals and false reversal signals.

Now if you are into stock trading, this Candlestick Mastery Course will help you find those stocks that are poised to make a big move in the market in a flash. This course also teaches how to find high probability short term swing trades. Just imagine the compounding effect on your account equity if you can discover 3-5 day massive moves in the market over and over again. This course is ideal for swing trading and if you are a swing trader, this course is for you! Candlestick Mastery Course comprises of 8 modules and 2 manuals which are:

1. Module 1: Basic Candlestick

Once you understand how to read a simple candlestick, you will be able to read the mind of the market. Even if you are seasoned trader, there is something for you in this module.

2. Module 2: Single Daily Candles

Understanding these single daily candles is crucial if you want to understand the market psychology. Some of these single daily candles are so significant that you can profit from them alone plus most of the reversal patterns that you will study later in the course are made up of these single daily candles.

3. Module 3: Candlestick Reversal Patterns

Most of the high probability trade setups are found using candlestick reversal patterns. Once you go through the videos in this module, you will be able to master most of the important reversal candlestick patterns.

4. Module 4: Charting Software

You can find many FREE charting software. And in fact you don’t need a charting software to trade with this candlestick trading system. But in this module video you will find a quality charting software that can easily automate this candlestick trading system.

5. Module 5: The Trading System

In this module, you will discover the trading system that is simple and common sense, yet powerful. Using this simple yet powerful system that will filter out most of the invalid false signals, you can trade stocks as well as forex and futures.

6. Module 6: How To Setup Your Charting Software

Now, there are more than 7,000 stocks that you will need to watch for a potential high probability swing trade. Along with the Candlestick Charting Handbook that you will get in this course, using the training in this module, you will be able to quickly scan those thousands of stocks and narrow down only those that are giving the exact candlestick formations that you want.

7. Module 7: Scanning For Candlestick Trades

In this module, you will learn how to quickly scan the market spending not more than 20 minutes a night and find high probability candlestick trades for the next day.

8. Module 8: Wrapping Up

Manual 1: Candlestick Trading For Maximum Profits

This is a 59 page trading guide that will give you the secrets of trading the stock market learned over a period of several decades.

Manual 2: Candlestick Mastery Handbook

In this handbook, you will find formula for the charting software: Metastock and Telechart.

If you are a stock trader or even if you are a forex or a futures trader and want to learn Candlestick Trading For Maximum Profits, you can try this course RISK FREE for 60 days and if you don’t like it get a refund.