Million Dollar Trader Mentoring Program Thailand Documentary

Day trading is becoming a passion. People all over the world are turning towards day trading as a means to fulfill their financial dreams. Success in day trading requires a lot of hard work. Day trading is not easy. Let’s be clear! You will need a lot of hard work and good coaching before you start making something as a day trader.

This video is an example of how people are turning this solitary day trading activity into a group activity. There are now many day trading coaching programs that demand thousands of dollars for giving you the right training and coaching. Joining the above program is also by application only. An average day trading coaching seminar can cost you something like $5K to $10K. If you have surplus cash you can join these programs.

With the advent of algorithmic trading, you need to crunch a lot of data before you can make a good trading decision. Just try connecting excel with your MT4? Can you do that? It requires superior skills in coding VBA and MQL4. As a retail trader, you are pitted against highly skilled bank traders. Watch this interview with a trading guru.