Institute Of Trading And Portfolio Management Brazil Documentary

In the last post we showed you Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management South Africa documentary. In that documentary first ten days of the 3 months mentoring program training being conducted by the institute were shown. In that training, 8 novice traders from around the world took part. Below is the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Brazil 3 months mentoring program training documentary in which 4 novice traders took part.

You can apply for the training program online. The quality of videos are high. By watching these videos you might get tempted to apply for the mentorship program online. We want to make sure we are in no way affiliated with this institute. But we believe the price of this mentorship be quite high for most people and may run into thousands of dollars. You can guess that by looking at the documentaries and the expensive hotels and resorts where the documentaries have been made. So our suggestion is first learn how to trade successfully on your own by using the free resources that are available on the internet. Once you have made a couple of thousands of dollars, you can apply for this mentorship and see what is being offered as training during the mentorship.

Trading is one of the few frontiers left in modern day life where you can start small and make a fortune. Only a few people ever do it. Most who try fail. Why? Because they lack the passion and the determination to succeed. You don’t need expensive training to become a successful trader. You just need a little bit of hard work and you will start making consistent income as a trader. Once you start making a consistent income with trading, you have become successful. This is as simple as that.

Now that you have started making a consistent income as a trader, you can plan the next step that is to make 100% return in week or a month. If you can achieve this feat of making a 100% return in a week or a month on a consistent basis, you are on your way to making a fortune in less than year. It is as simple as that. We view trading as a game or a sport. A tennis player entering into a gram slam tournament without practicing has an almost 100% chance of getting out in the first round. The same thing will happen with you if you try to start trading live with practicing. You will blow your account soon. Just like there are very few winners in tennis, there are also very few winners in trading.