Home Run Gold Trader- Learn This Part Time Gold Trader Strategy That Turned $1.6K Into $1.4M in 5 Months!

Andy is a part time gold trader. He has a day job. Usually he trades during the night. But in 2011 he got lucky. Andy, the Home Run Gold Trader was able to turn $1,657 into $1.4 million in just 5 months! You need to watch this Home Run Gold Trader FREE video where Andy reveals his part time gold trader breakthrough strategy FREE. Andy has yet to quit his job even though he has now more than a million dollars in his bank account. He still works as a civil engineer and lives in Vancouver, BC. Once he comes home, he trades the gold and the silver market part time mostly in the night. He loves his job as a civil engineer and had no back ground in finance when he started trading three years ago.

These two gold trading videos are good educational material. In these 2 videos, you will learn how to multiply your profits by trading trends using pyramids. Don’t miss watching these two FREE Part Time Gold Trading Videos, you will learn a lot. Watch this First Part Time Gold Trader video FREE where Andy shows his account in detail and explains how he was able to turn a small deposit of $1.6K into $1.4M in just 5 months in 2011. Also watch this second FREE Home Run Gold Trader Video where Andy reveals the technical and practical details of a simple Gold and Silver Trend Trading Strategy that made him a millionaire in just 5 months.

Million Dollar Gold And Silver Trend Trading Strategy

Now, this is something interesting. This gold and silver trend trading system is ideal for those people who work in the day and can only get spare time in the night for trading. In fact, Andy doesn’t trade everyday but only trades when opportunities come. This is what trading is all about. You don’t need to stay glued to the charts all the time. Always remember the saying, “Trade smart, not hard.” What you need is to develop a feel of the market and know when to make your move.

Right now gold market is making its move . This gold bull market started some ten years back and it is expected to continue for more years in the future as the fundamentals driving this bull market are strong. Governments all over the world are printing money fast to finance their budget deficits. Eurozone is in deep debt crisis. The existence of Euro as a currency is being questioned. US Federal Reserve believes in an easy monetary policy with ultra low interest rates to ward off the recessionary pressures developing on the US economy. So the scene is all set for the gold prices to march towards $2,500 per ounce and even more in the next few years. This is what the market experts are predicting.

The gold prices reached the historical high of $1,910 per ounce some months back on August 24th, 2011. But then a sudden retracement of a few hundred dollars was made as the market needed time to consolidate its gains. This scared many gold traders and investors who had taken large long positions in the gold market. But soon, gold prices again started to rise and right now, gold price is hovering around $1,700 per ounce. Whatever, this is a great time to trade gold! So make your move now before the gold market makes it next big move.

Home Run Gold Trader System-A Part Time Gold And Silver Trading System

The Home Run Gold Trader System is a proven and tested system that basically uses the same methodologies that Mike Ser, an expert trader had developed and can be used to trade any market. Andy applied these methods to the gold and silver market. Mike Ser’s system requires understanding the charts and knowing how to read them, looking for a catalyst and of course managing the risk effectively when trading. Andy’s Home Run Gold Trader System is not difficult to follow. Andy trades part time. He does not trade all the time. Andy only trades when he feels its dead obvious what’s going to happen. Let’s be clear! Over the last three years, he has also developed some intuition about the gold and silver market that tells him when to make his trades.

Andy uses both technical analysis and fundamental analysis in his part time gold trading system. He uses fundamental analysis to predict the gold and silver market prices in the future and then uses technical analysis to decide when to enter and when to exit the trade. You should watch this Home Run Gold Trader Video where Andy explains how he was able to make a gain of almost 110,000% in just 5 months trading gold and silver part time.