German Binary Robot By Norbert Ex-German Banker Making $15.4K Per Month

An Ex-German Banker Norbert had released his Bollinger Bands Strategy that he had used to make $15K per month with binary options. If you haven’t downloaded his Bollinger Bands Strategy, you can download it FREE right now. This is a 16 page PDF that you can download totally FREE. This PDF explains this simple Bollinger Bands Strategy that you can use to trade 60 second binary options. This strategy can also be used on higher timeframes like M5 and M15.

German Binary Robot

The good thing, Norbert has got developed a German Binary Robot also that totally automates this Bollinger Bands Strategy and gives signals for trading these 60 second binary options. German Binary Robot has an average 85% winrate. Trading 60 seconds binary options is getting very popular these days as just within 30-60 minutes, you can place multiple trades. Just make sure that you download the above PDF and understand the Bollinger Bands Strategy that is used in this robot. You can use this strategy on your own as well. However this robot is going to make things a lot more easier for you. You don’t need to watch the charts and decide when to enter into a trade. Before you start trading live with this German Binary Robot, first test it thoroughly on the demo account, make at least 50 trades and calculate the winrate. If it is above 85% as claimed than you can start trading live with this German Binary Robot.

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  • Jonathan

    August 25, 2014

    Norbert’s strategy is based on martingaling system which is condemned by many pro binary options traders. Also, some reviews about the bot online are bad.

    But my advice to anyone who will try it out is to have a huge amount of money in their account to be profitable. So it is meant for high rollers.