FX Pips Machine Has An Average 92% Winrate!

FX Pips Machine is a manual trading strategy that has an average 92% winrate. Paul Myers is the developer of this FX Pips Machine. Paul Myer claims that he is making on average $1,851.77 daily with his FX Pip Machine. Below is a third party verified screenshot of this system live performance.

FX Pips Machine

As you can see this system has made a total gain of 6445.03% with a small drawdown of 9%. The initial deposit was $100 and now the account balance is $6545.03. Below is a screenshot of how much Paul Myer claims to have made trading with his system.

FX Pips Machine

You can see Paul Myers has made a fortune trading with this system. Basically this is a package of 2 system. The main FX Pips Machine System is a trend trading system that basically uses wave trading and other powerful trading methods to make 1-3 winning trades daily. The average winrate of this system is 93.7% and the average drawdown is only 4.6%. Below is a screenshot of this system in action.

FX Pips Machine

This is a powerful system that made 1,574 pips in 2 months. Paul Myers has got developed a Trade Assistant (TA) Software that will make trading with this system very easy for you. This TA software will give you an alert whenever there is a high probability trade setup alongwith the entry price, take profit and the stop loss levels.

The second is a Forex Premium Collection System that basically trades using the Wave Reversal Strategy. This system will help you trade the reversal waves within a trend and send your account equity soaring. You can first test this FX Pips Machine System on your demo account and make at least 30-50 trades before you start trading live with it.

FX Pips Machine

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