Four Figure Forex Per Week With A Small Stop Loss Of 3-4 Pips!

Four Figure Forex System has been developed by Grant Davis. Grant Davis uses this Four Figure Forex System to make a four figure income per week. The beauty of this Four Figure Forex System lies in the fact that it uses very tight stop losses that range between 3-4 pips per trade to make trades with a high reward to risk ratios like 5:1. This is a simple system that is easy to trade. The risk per trade will be extremely small like 3-4 pips. This will make your trading a almost stress free when you use this system.

Four Figure Forex System does not use any complicated indicators. It uses extremely simple charts and everything is explained in clear cut black and white rules by Grant Davis when you download the PDF. The price is very low. It is just $27 and Grant Davis gives you 180 days that is almost 6 months to test drive his system. The problem with most new traders is that they hop from one system to another. First, you need to decide on a system. Once you have chosen your system than practice it thoroughly on your demo account for a period of two months. If you do this, soon you will find yourself a consistently winning forex trader.

Testing Four Figure Forex System

If you are interested, you can test drive this system RISK FREE for 180 days on your demo account. Demo trade with this system for a period of one month. Make a trading journal and enter each trade that you made with this system on that journal. At the end of the month, do a audit of the trades that you made during one month of demo trading. See how many pips you had made, what was the winning percentage and what was the drawdown. These figures are very important. It will give you the feel of what to expect when you decide to trade long term with this system. Suppose, you get good performance on the demo account, in that case if you want open a mini account with a deposit of $250 and trade with a lot size of 0.01 for another month. You want make much with this lot size because 1 pip will be just equal to $0.1. So if you make 100 pips using this system, you will be making $10 only but at the same time if you lose 100 pips using this system, you will be only losing $10. So, with this settings you can further practice this system on a live account which is very important. At the end of the month, see how many pips you made and how many pips you lost during that one month of live trading. If you make many pips with this system, rest is just a matter of scalping up. If you like the Four Figure Forex system, keep it otherwise get a refund!