Forex Trend Master Jason Sweezey Shows How To Trade Divergences!

Meet Jason Sweezey. Jason Sweezey is a professional forex trader who lives in Ontario Canada. He is also a master at trading divergences. There are traders who only trade divergences. This includes the Forex Trend Master Jason Sweezey. He is about to reveal how he spots divergences in a series of 4 webinars that you can attend. These Forex Trend Master training webinars will be starting from 29th September.

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Forex Trend MasterEven if you don’t attend these divergence trading webinars which are going to be hosted soon by Jason, you can download this Ezzy To See Fibonacci Pivot Point Indicator plus a Key Reverse Number Levels Indicator FREE.


If you have been trading for a while, you might have noticed this fact that most pivot point indicators clutter the chart by painting a line that zig zags across the chart. This can be distracting to your trading as you won’t be able to read the chart correctly due to this clutter. In order to help you, Jason is giving away this Ezzy To See Fibonacci Pivot Points Indicator that is not going to clutter your chart. Download this indicator FREE before it gets pulled down.

Now coming back to trading divergences, there are many traders who love to trade just this trade setup. A divergence pattern is formed when the price action goes in one direction and the indicator goes in the opposite direction. Mostly MACD, RSI, Stochastic and CCI oscillators are often used in spotting these patterns.

The problem is how to correctly identify this trade setup. Most of the time this is what happens. When an inexperienced trader spots this pattern, he jumps in and to his horror finds the market moving in the opposite direction. The trick lies in knowing precisely when to enter. You see a divergence pattern needs to be validated before you can trade it. There are a few filters that are most often used when validating whether this a true divergence or a false divergence. These filters are the break of the support or the resistance as the case might be and the break of the trendline.

Divergence Trading Mentoring Classes With Jason Sweezey

As a trader the best trading tool that you have in your arsenal is good training and education. You should continuously seek to improve your trading skills. This requires looking for good training and education. It is always a good idea to see how a professional trader trades. Jason Sweezey is going to host a number of Divergence Trading Mentoring Classes in the end of September as said above. This is what Jason is claiming. He is claiming that his divergence trading mentoring classes can turn you from an average trader into a professional trader. In these series of 4 webinars, Jason is going to hold live training sessions and show you how he spots these divergence patterns even when they have not yet formed. This is something interesting. These newly acquired skills can take your trading to the next higher level. You might want to attend these Forex Trend Master Mentoring Classes!