Forex Replicator Replicates The Past To Predict The Future With More Than 90% Accuracy!

Forex Replicator System made a monthly gain of 85.7%. Forex Replicator System has been developed by William Morrison. The problem with most forex systems is that they fail to work pretty soon. But Forex Replicator is something different. William Morrison is an accomplished forex trader who knows how the forex market works and why most forex systems simply don’t make any profit. So what makes Forex Replicator different than most other forex systems?

Forex replicator is a manual trading system that scans the historical market data and then compares that historical market data with the present market conditions. Forex Replicator tries to find that point in time when the historical data closely matches the present market data. Then having identified the historical market data that closely resembles the present market condition, it tries to predict the next few candles based on that historical market data.

Forex Replicator

As the above picture shows Forex Replicator was able to find a chart that was 91.3% almost similar to that of the present. Then it used that historical data to predict the next few candles. As said above, in live trading Forex Replicator System made a monthly gain of 85.7% and the risk to reward ratio was +7.98 which is pretty good. Now each time Forex Replicator indicator predicts the future price action it also gives the probability of success. When the probability of success is higher than 90%, it means a good  trading opportunity. This probability of success is determined by comparing the present day chart with previous history chart and determining how much of the two charts match.

Using Forex Replicator As  A Trade Filter

Now Forex Replicator is a complete trading system on its own. As said above it made a gain of 85.7% in one month of live trading. But you can also use Forex Replicator as a trade filter with your other forex systems or strategies. When your trading system tells you to enter into a trade, you can use Forex Replicator as a confirmation tool to confirm whether you should take that signal or not.

Forex Replicator can be used from 5 minute to 4 hour timeframe. If you are using the 5 minute timeframe, you will have to check the chart every 5 minutes. On the other hand if you are using the 4 hour timeframe, you just need to check the chart after every 4 hours. Forex Replicator can be used on multiple currency pairs. It can be even used on gold, oil and silver as an add on. The principle is the same. It will compare the historical data with the present data to find the best fit. There is a 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee being provided by the developer William Morrison. When you download Forex Replicator, you will also get a Forex Replicator Trade Monitor/Management Robot as a bonus which is a trailing EA system.