Forex Equinox Trading System By Russ Horn

Forex Equinox is a new trading system that is being released by Russ Horn . Russ Horn is a well known forex trader. He is considered to be a forex trading genius. You can listen to his Forex Equinox podcast in which he talks about his early struggles with forex trading and how he became successful. A few days back he released his Forex Profit Ribbon System FREE. After that he released his Forex Money Bounce Trading System FREE. When you listen to the Forex Equinox podcast, you can download these 2 trading systems. You can also download pyramid video.then you download these 2 trading system. Take a look at the following screenshot.

Forex Equinox

This is the screenshot of the Forex Profit Ribbon system. Russ Horn explains this Forex Profit Ribbon trading system in great detail in a 18 page PDF that you can download along with the indicators, the template and the installer. This is a great trading system that he is giving free that you should download and practice on your demo account. Forex Profit Ribbon has more than 90% average success rate. So you can see it is a very powerful trading system that can give you great trades. THe Reward/Risk ratio per trade on average is 1:1. The second trading system that he is giving FREE is the Forex Money Bounce Trading System. You should also download his Forex Money Bounce trading system. Take a look at the following screenshot.

Forex Equinox

This is a trend trading system that trades in the direction of the momentum. As you can see in the above screenshot, this is another powerful trading system that Russ Horn is giving free as part of the pre-launch sequence to his main Forex Equinox system. Russ Horn explains his Forex Money Bounce system in great detail in a 20 page PDF that you can download along with the indicators, template and the installer. After downloading the 2 trading systems and the podcast, also download the pyramid video and watch it.

In the Forex Equinox podcast he talks about himself. Russ Horn reveals in the podcast that he never went beyond high school in his education. He was making T-shirts when he discovered forex trading. Then he goes on to explain how he trades forex and what are the important things that he looks for in a trade. He also reveals the timeframes that he trades as well as the currency pairs he loves to trade.

According to Russ Horn, there is no mathematics involved in forex trading. This is an important insight. You don’t need to know advanced mathematics when it comes to forex trading. The only thing that you need is common sense and discipline. Yes, discipline is very important in trading. Without discipline you might as well call it a day. The most important thing is to keep the losses small.How do you do it? You do it by taking risk management very seriously.

Forex Equinox podcast is something that you should listen. It will give you the chance to listen to a professional forex trader and how he trades. When you download his 2 trading systems and listen to the Forex Equinox podcast, don’t forget to leave a comment on the download page thanking him. In the next few days, Russ Horn is going to select the best comment and give the top 3 best comment makers his Forex Equinox system gratis. So this is your chance to win a copy of Forex Equinox gratis.

Even if you don’t win the comment contest, don’t worry at all. You can try his Forex Equinox system RISK FREE for 60 days. If you have been trading for sometime, you should have realized by now it is a serious business. You need a coach who can teach you how to trade successful. On your own you will take years but with a good coach, chances are you can become a successful trader within months. Forex Equinox members area will give you the chance to interact with Russ Horn and his team of traders. You can daily ask them questions and they will answer all your questions.

As I had said above risk management is the most important thing in trading. This is also what Russ Horn stresses in his podcast. He emphasized the he keeps his losses small and avoids revenge trades. Revenge trades are a major killer of a trading account. Many new traders engage in revenge trades. Avoid revenge trades at all costs. When you lose a trade, relax. Don’t immediately open a new trade. This will only result in another losing trade. Relax and learn to be disciplined. Follow your trading system meticulously. Russ Horn is going to show you how to do it.

As he reveals in his podcast he was selling T-Shirts and making a few bucks a day when he discovered forex trading. He started trading. First 2 years were difficult. He won and lost. After that he became a consistent winner and made a lot of money. This is what we all want to do. You should listen to Russ Horn. It will be a good idea to try his Forex Equinox for 2 months and see if it is helping you achieve your dreams. As revealed by Russ Horn, you need discipline for your success. This thing applies to whatever you do in life. You need discipline and determination to achieve success. Forex Equinox is going to show you how to achieve success with forex trading.