Forex Cashflow System From AME Labs

Forex Cashflow System from the guys at the AME Labs just needs one trade daily that does not take more than 10 minutes to place to make a gain of something like 40% per month to the equity in your account. The amazing thing about this Forex Cashflow System is that as long as you use this system to place your trades and let them run their course, your account balance will grow even if you just win one out of seven times or something like that. This is how you can use this system to generate monthly cash flow for you. Start with a $5000 deposit in your trading account. You decide to make a gain of 50% per month to your equity. This means making a monthly profit of $2,500. After you have made the gain for the month, withdraw this profit at the end of each month. Next month then start again with the original balance of $5,000! Guys at the AME Labs developed the PhotoLibrarian and SpeedMath so they are pretty good programmers. They are pretty good traders too! Their system seems to be interesting. But of course, you need to test this system thoroughly before you trade live with it. We will come to question of testing at the end again!

Despite Losing A Number Of Trades, This Forex CashFlow Systems Ends Up As If It Won All The Trades

You need to watch the Forex Cashflow System video where the developer of this system loses 5 out of 8 trades but still ends up in profit as though he had won all the eight trades. How is it possible? This is something quite amazing and shows the power of this Forex Cashflow System. What it means is that this system is using some sort of a martingale strategy in its position sizing. Yes, it does use martingale but the developer says it uses it in such a manner as to reduce the risk that a typical martingale system usually involves.

Now, this Forex Cashflow System is not a robot. However, it does calculate the trade size. Infact, this system has been developed to handle all the painful parts of trading like calculating the stop loss, take profit and the position size. It does everything for you. It manages your trade size in such a manner that you hit your profit target no matter how many losers you make. Now, with this system, you don’t need to set and manage the stop loss, take profit, trade size, order type etc. You will just drag and drop the script onto your chart and that’s it! You just need to define the profit target as a percentage of your account balance or a fixed dollar amount plus you will define the stop loss and the take profit for each chart that you are trading and that’s it. Once, you drag and drop the script onto the chart, it will do all these calculations for you.

Testing The Forex Cashflow System

Now, the only way to know how good this Forex Cash Flow System is by testing on the demo account. You can do this testing RISK FREE for 60 days as the AME Labs guys who have developed this system are giving a 60 days money back guarantee. Never trade live with a new system until and unless you have tested it thoroughly on your demo account. If you have your own trading system, you can use the FCFS to trade with that system. Your system will tell you the direction of the trade while FCFS will automatically calculate the trade size, take profit and the stop loss. If you don’t have any system of your own, simply use the system provided by the developer. If you feel satisfied with the results achieved on the demo account, simply open a mini account with a deposit of $500 and trade live with the Forex Cashflow System.