Forex AutoScaler A New Tool That Let’s You Bank 75 Pips Everytime The Market Moves 20 Pips!

Forex AutoScaler is a new tool that has been developed by Jeff Glenellis. This Forex AutoScaler helps you bank 75 pips everytime the market moves by 20 pips, 105 pips on a 30 pips move and 165 pips on a 40 pips move. Forex AutoScaler software has been developed for MT4 platform. This software helps you scale into a winning position meaning when you are winning, this software is going to add more positions to your original trade so that you can make 2-10 times more profit. Don’t worry at all, the build in trailing stop technology in this Forex Auto Scaler will limit your losses in case the market moves against you to no more than what you might have lost in the single trade. Below is the screenshot of this tool in action trading gold: 6 trades, 144.6 pips in 22 minutes.

Forex AutoScaler

This is another screenshot selling gold and making 204 pips in 7 minutes.

Forex AutoScaler

Now as you might have observed from the above screenshots that this tool works trades gold very well too. Trading gold with this tool is like trading forex on steriods. When you download this Forex Auto-Scaler tool, Jeff Glenellis is going to show 5 different  methods that he uses to spot these 20+ pip moves in the market. You will also get lifetime upgrades for this software FREE plus Forex Earthquake eBook FREE.  Jeff is also giving full 45 days of money back guarantee so that you can first test drive this tool on the demo account and see how it works. If Forex AutoScaler doesn’t work well for you, simply ask for a refund.