Daily Momentum Trader Dr. Adrian Manz A Hedge Fund Manager And His Ultimate Trading Plan!

Meet the Daily Momentum Trader Dr. Adrian Manz. Download the Daily Momentum Trader Ultimate Trading Plan FREE that has had not a single losing month in the last 6 years. First let me tell you something about Dr. Adrian Manz. Adrian has a unique  and a diverse background. He is not only a successful day trader, a successful hedge fund manager but also a former studio musician and a competitive skier. He has a combined M.B.A./Ph.D. in International Business and Organizational Behavior from Claremont Graduate University. While at Claremont Graduate University, he also worked with legendary management guru Peter Drucker who happened to become his good friend. At Claremont, he also met his future wife Julie. He and his wife are full time professional day traders who trade large cap stocks at the NYSE.

Daily Momentum Trader Low Risk Scalping Day Trading System For Large Cap Stocks On NYSE!

Discover the fine art of scalping large cap stocks on the NYSE developed by Dr. Manz.  This daily scalping system makes a gain of around 5% per month with a low risk of 0.005%. This daily scalping system uses 10 proprietary trading patterns. Now, Dr. Adrian Manz is a below the radar hedge fund manager and an underground legend in the day trading circles. His day trading system has one outstanding characteristics. His day trading system skims pennies off trending NYSE stocks and works whether the market is falling, rising or sitting still.  So his day trading strategies do not depend on the market direction.

Dr. Manz basically trades large cap stocks and selects the stocks for day trading based on certain fixed patterns or setups in the large cap equities market. He has given these daily stock patterns easy to remember and visualize names like the Line Drive, 3-2 Pitch, Backdoor Slider, Fast Ball, Infield Fly, Switch Hitter, Double Header, and so on. Don’t miss watching this The Fast Ball Trade FREE Video by Dr. Manz where he reveals his #1 way to finding the winning trades in today’s volatile markets. Now, the good thing about Dr. Manz day trading scalping strategies is that these can be easily automated using RealTick or TradeStation II. Dr. Manz in the Fast Ball Trade FREE video shows how you can automate his day trading strategies using online trading software like RealTick or TradeStation II to setup the entry points, the trailing stops and the take profit targets in advance. On automating his day trading setups, you won’t be needing more than 20 minutes a day, 4 days out of 5 days to make a steady gain of 5% per month with the low risk of 0.005%. Can day trading become more easier than this!

Now, Dr. Manz is a highly disciplined day trader who prepares a fixed trading plan for each trading day. His trading plan comprises of skimming moderate profits from large cap stocks based on price action patterns that he sees repeating themselves over and over again. He never keeps a position open overnight and closes all his open positions before the end of the trading day. His approach to day trading is highly risk averse. He never risks more than 0.005% of the equity in his trading account on a single trade.

Now, compare this risk of 0.005% with the usual risk of 5% that most traders are willing to take happily. Even with this high level of risk most of them end up making not more than 5-10% monthly gain. Adrian does not take more than 0.005% risk and still ends up making around 5% monthly gain. He trades with ordinary leverage while most other traders trade with a much higher leverage level that can be as high as 3 times. His cardinal rules of day trading are never risk more than 0.005% of the trading capital on a trade and never keep a position open overnight. These two rules of day trading let’s him sleep like a baby as he knows his investments are safe and no matter what happens to the stock market during the night, his portfolio will not vaporize overnight.

There are traders who can brag about returns like 1,000-10,000% per month. But what separates Dr. Manz from the rest of the crowd in the day trading circles is his consistent performance month after month for the last 14 years. Adrian Manz has been a full time professional day trader since 1998. Unlike other traders who go for the home runs but strike out most of the time while hitting a home run, Adrian is a designated hitter of day trading. His approach as said above lies in taking extremely low risk and making a consistent 5% return per month on average.  His day trading strategies can be ideal for your IRA as he trades with a very low level of risk. Just download Dr. Adrian Manz’s Daily Momentum Trader Ultimate Trading Plan and discover his day trading secrets that make him 4.75% profit month after month with not a single losing month since 2005.

If you want to learn this professional day trading strategy from Dr. Adrian Manz, you can try his Daily Momentum Trader Advisory Service RISK FREE for 60 days. Paper trade with him for two months and see how his Daily Momentum Trader Scalping Strategy works. If you don’t like the Daily Momentum Trader Advisory Service, go for a refund within two months!

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