Daily Income Trader Dr. Adrian Manz Blueprint To Making $100K per Year Trading Part Time!

Watch this Daily Income Trader FREE Presentation where Dr. Adrian Manz shows how to make an income of $100K per year trading. A few months back, in January Dr. Adrian Manz revealed his Daily Momentum Trader large cap stocks scalping strategy that makes for him a consistent 5% return per month with a very low risk of 0.005%.  Dr. Adrian Manz is a hedge fund manager. Both he and his wife are professional day traders who trade large cap stocks daily on NYSE. If you had followed Adrian’s published trade recommendations in 2011, you could have posted 389 trades. Out of these 389 trades, 216 were winners, 56 losers and the rest were breakeven. Making 389 trades in 1 year comes close to almost one trade daily.

Daily Income Trader

Once you have watched the Daily Income Trader video 1, watch Daily Income Trader Video 2. Dr. Adrian Manz has perfected a large cap stocks scalping strategy that works with a very low risk of 0.005%. Each trade is closed before the end of the day. So there is no worry when you go to sleep. His scalping strategy has been making a consistent return of around 5% month after month without a single losing month for the last 6 years. As said above, the risk per trade is only 0.005%. Now compare this risk with the risk of 2-5% that most day traders happily take in order to make a return of 5-10% per month.

When Dr. Adrian Manz had revealed his large cap stocks scalping system, it generated a lot of interest amongst traders and investors. Many requested if his scalping system could be automated. Dr. Adrian listened to them and for the last three months, he has been working behind the scenes to automate his scalping system and make it almost hands free.

The good news is that now you can follow Adrian’s trade recommendations 100% automatically. Adrian has named his new automated system Daily Income Trader. Imagine making a consistent 5% return month after month with a very low risk 100% automatically. Making a consistent 5% return per month translates into a return of around 60% per year. Compare this return with the 10-15% return per year that most mutual funds offer. Investing in CDs is considered to be a safe and risk free investment. But the yearly return is around 5%. Now compare these two returns with this 100% automated Daily Income Trader Method that makes a return of around 5% per month with a very low risk of 0.005%.

Daily Income Trader FREE Presentation-How To Trade For Daily Income

In this Daily Income Trader FREE Presentation, Adrian gives traders and investors, a step by step, clear and a precise plan to make a consistent 6 figure income per year trading only part time. In this Daily Income Trader FREE Presentation, he also reveals a concept that is going to revolutionize your trading. This has something to do with filtering each trading day into potential winning trading days and losing trading days. After a few days when Dr. Arian Manz is going to open his Daily Income Trader Service, if you get interested you can take a RISK FREE trial of the Daily Income Trader Service for a period of full two months. So don’t miss watching this Daily Income Trader FREE Presentation.

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  • epchampagne1@yahoo.com

    July 14, 2013

    Can these trades be made in a Roth account? Can I pay by CC over the phone for Daily Income Trader?