AAPL Apple Stock Could Rise 50% Soon!

AAPL is a huge buy now. AAPL Apple Stock can rise 50% in the next few weeks. It’s right there on the charts. Internet is full of buzz about the new iPhone 6 features that are going to revolutionize the smartphone industry. There are many new impressive features being introduced in iPhone 6 for the first time. The includes the Sapphire screen and the biometric wearables. But there are threats also. Apple is facing fierce competition from the low cost producers If this is true, Apple will once again prove that it is the market leader. Several large hedge funds have been buying Apple Stocks. Katie Stockton, chief technical strategist at BTIG, says the charts affirm her company’s “buy” rating. “We’ve seen the stock exhibit positive short- and long-term momentum and also relative strength versus the S&P 500,” said Stockton, noting that Apple is up 22 percent year-to-date versus about 6 percent for the S&P 500.