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Trading 60 second binary options can be lucrative as well as dangerous. Lucrative if you have a system that has a high winrate. If your trading system is good, you can make a lot of money in a short period of time. On the other hand, if you have a poor trading system, the only thing that you will do is burn your hard earned money and lose a lot. So what you need is a good trading system. The only way to know whether this system is good is to test it thoroughly on the demo account first. Don’t rush. Make at least 50-100 trades with it on the demo account. After making 50-100 trades on the demo account calculate the average winrate. In order to make consistent money with 60 Second Trading Binary Options, you need to have an average winrate above 85%. If the system or software has this average winrate you can start trading live with it. If the winrate is below 70%, look for a new system. Repeat the above steps and you will find a good trading system that has a consistent winrate. Don’t trade live until and unless you find a good system.

60 Second Trading Binary