1 Minute Pips System Has 85% Win Rate And Uses A Stop Loss As Small As 9 Pips!

1 Minute Pips Forex System by John Meyer has a win rate that can be as high as 85% and uses a stop loss that is just 9 pips. Learn how to use a tiny stop loss and make steady gains in the forex market daily with this 1 Minute Pips Forex System. If you thinking of becoming rich using a forex robot or a forex signals service, then forget about it. A forex robot or a forex signals service is never going to make you rich, it will only burn a hole in your account. What you need to learn is how to trade forex manually. This 1 Minute Pips System is ideal because it always uses a tight stop loss of 9 pips for each trade and can grab as many pips as you want daily. The good thing, this 1 Minute Pips System is very easy to master.

John Meyer says that his stop losses are never more than 9 pips and he makes pips daily using his 1 Minute Pips System. Using a tiny stop loss means trading with very low risk. Now, here is the kicker, John Meyer says that his stop losses rarely get hit. That means he makes one winning trade after another using his unique system that he is about to hand over to you. A win rate of 85% is considered to be pretty good in trading. Imagine, the famous Turtle Trading System had a win rate of only 40% and it made many millionaires. But this is not a get rich quick system. However, it is a pretty solid system that comes with 180 days no questions asked money back guarantee. You can try it on your demo account for one whole six months and if you don’t like it, simply get a refund.

1 Minute Pips System Uses 1 Minute Charts

This 1 Minute Pips System uses 1 Minute charts. This is an easy system that you can understand in less than 30 minutes. The 1 Minute Pips Manual is short and too the point. Once you read this manual, you will get the hang of this system pretty fast. Then you get the 1 Minute Pips System Template for the Metatrader 4 platform that you can download alongwith the manual. This template will remove the need to mess around setting up the charts before you trade with this system. But that’s not all, John Meyer is giving you three bonuses alongwith the template that include:

1. Sessions Time Indicator: This is a must have indicator for any intraday trader. It instantly tells the best times for trading. You will be able to customize it on your MT4.

2. Bar Time Indicator: This indicator will instantly tell you when the current candle will close. This ability will improve your trading and make it much more accurate.

3. Sunday System: This is a system having a very high reward to risk ratio. It’s accuracy is more than 90% and will take only a few minutes each week to trade. This system just needs a few pending orders to trade meaning once you have placed the orders you can do whatever you want while the market hits your targets.

You might be wondering what will be the price of this system. John Meyers was once a struggling trader like everyone else so he has priced his 1 Minute Pips system only $27 with a no questions asked money back guarantee of 180 days meaning 6 months so that any trader who is still struggling and not succeeding can try his 1 Minute Pips system.